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August Bradley

My expertise is in performance enhancement & technological optimization for life & business.

I've created high-impact personal productivity and business efficiency  systems working with cutting-edge tech companies and producing a popular show on emerging technologies. My experience is built upon a 25-year business foundation ranging from Harvard Business School MBA to numerous successful startups to working, creating, and consulting for leading consumer brands such as Coke, Xbox, Gap, J.Crew and many more.

I have turned my knowledge in these fields plus my personal experience overcoming a health crisis into a comprehensive program to help people who have plateaued or lack the bandwidth to take on new opportunities. My team and I reboot lives and businesses into elite performers with soaring results.

Claire D.

MAAAAAAN, the way you explain the systems approach is way beyond awesome, and my disorganized and lost life will be back on track. You sir are a blessing to everyone like me!

Marios P.

"Profoundly moved" is the impact this introduction to systems thinking had on me. You've done in 10 minutes what I've been trying to do literally for 40 years. Thank you for showing different ways of seeing/analysing/creating/achieving things.

Dagmar M.

This is truly life-changing for me. I'm just setting up my Notion account with your systems. Please consider making a paid online course out of this material, including ALL of your incredible templates.

Chris B.

I'm building my life system using your frankly incredible notion system and it's been a supremely rewarding experience. It feels like I'm taking the many different threads of self-improvement, life and business management that I've been dabbling with for years, and weaving them into something cohesive.

Stephen T.

Since learning and implementing your excellent LifeOS, I am finding it to be one of the most transformational processes. The changes that I am now benefiting from are simply profound, and I am so grateful for you sharing your super-awesome system with us. Onward and upwards!

Mark P.

I started with GTD, moved to PARA and have now completely adopted August's system. GTD and PARA are fine for immediate tasks but it's tiny short-term thinking that doesn't scale holistically. Once you really think systematically instead of task, done, task, done, clock in, clock out... you'll see what I mean.

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