Notion for Teams

with the Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults System (PPV)

August Bradley's Notion for Teams program and business system is launching in 2024.

This will be a premium Notion for Teams program based on the Teams/Business Edition of the Notion PPV system customized for your team.

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    Notion for Teams:
    A Business System Training Program

    Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults

    PPV brings Focus & Alignment to your team by identifying the highest-impact priorities, aligning the right daily actions, and channeling massive focus — with transparency across the entire organization.

    PPV is the most used, most discussed comprehensive Notion system design and has delivered exceptional performance in life and business for thousands of people.

    Team/Business Edition

    Since producing the leading Notion system design YouTube channel and best-selling Notion life-system course, we've been flooded with requests for a PPV system for teams & businesses. This is it!

    Optimized for focus and alignment across the individual team-member perspective, business unit/department perspective, and global leadership perspective.

    Customized Template + Training

    Previously only available with company consulting engagements in the $15k to $35k range, the PPV for Teams template and system training will soon be available more broadly.

    Enhanced Planning, Projects, Meetings, Mission/Vision, Communication, Reviews, Knowledge Management, Security/Privacy, Processes, Training, SOPs, CRM, Sales Management, Customer Implementation, and much more.

    PPV has been of immense value for the management of my business... 

    I believe I will easily see a return on my investment in the first year, with compounding returns thereafter.

    John Blackwell
    CEO, Diamond Age Technologies (AR/VR Innovator)

    PPV has brought a new level of organization to my workflow and productivity. The time invested in setting up PPV has created new opportunity and growth in my personal and professional life.

    Marc Cordier
    Developer & Founder

    This enhanced level of clarity and connectivity throughout all levels of productivity along with the emergence of related knowledge at the right time and place is everything I've been after in a personal and professional system.

    Brian Lalley
    Coach, Event Management & Marketing

    August Bradley

    Performance enhancement & technological optimization for life & business

    My experience is built upon a 25-year business foundation ranging from Harvard Business School MBA to numerous successful startups to working, creating, and consulting for leading consumer brands such as Coke, Xbox, Gap, J.Crew, TV Networks, and many more. My team and I reboot lives and businesses into elite performers with soaring results.

    After building three successful companies and advising dozens of leading-edge tech ventures, I've refined a set of internal technologies and operational systems. These methodologies consistently produce exceptionally lean and effective operations with less stress, less chaos, and a frictionless foundation for personal and business growth.

    The human aspect of optimizing your habits, routines, and personal capabilities is fundamental to operating at peak performance and efficiency. In smaller firms, the lives of the owners are so tightly intertwined with their businesses that I have found the business system advances cannot fully succeed without optimally-performing leaders. The two have to grow in parallel.