Client Services

for Individuals

Consultations with August Bradley to review and enhance your Notion system or empower your approach to personal performance.

You'll submit info pre-meeting to maximize discussion time. August will review and evaluate approaches before the call. Then we'll dive in and do a video call for 1 hr. 15 min.

$395 per session. Limited availability during the 2020 online course period (through December).

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System Design for Business Owners & Managers

Business and/or team implementation of the company/organization version of our Notion System.

2 to 6 week engagements depending upon scope. A "done with you" program for business owners or organization leaders.

**Program on Hold for a couple months as August focuses on course development.

On Hold Temporarily

Coaching & Consulting with August Bradley

Achieve focus and align daily actions with goals across your life and business or organization. For individuals or teams.

I have worked as a consultant for a wide range of organizations implementing massively efficient systems and streamlining workflows.

I have also transformed the health, business, and mindset of hundreds of people coming from a place of desperation (starting with myself).

Reboot and jump-start your life or business by harnessing neuroscience, technology, psychology, and operational excellence.

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