Becoming The Person Who Can Achieve Your Life Aspirations

Becoming The Person Who Can Achieve Your Life Aspirations

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It's a real possibility that you're not able to do what you most want to accomplish in life. Perhaps your lack of progress at this stage is evidence that you can't do it.

Maybe you are simply not the kind of person who can do that. Not gifted enough, not lucky enough, not (fill in the blank) enough. Some people just aren't. Not everyone is.

No fault of your own, no blame here.

Some people may even find it a relief to hear this, to be off the hook. What a burden lifted! No more need to worry about it. If that's you, take the load off — you can check out now and skip the rest of this essay. The rest is not for you.

If this realization hurts you, or depresses you, or pisses you off, I want to share the greatest insight I have ever encountered.

You may not be the person who can do the things you want to do in life, but you can become the person who can do them.

We are all in a perpetual state of change. We are constantly evolving. I've come to realize that it does not matter who I am so much as who I am becoming.

For most of us, our change and evolution is reactive to our circumstances and environments. External forces shape us as life happens. This is only natural, it's what we're immersed in.

But it does not have to be a reactive consequence — you can take a deliberate, active role in guiding how you evolve.

Most people focus on the things they want to achieve and then live with frustration and disappointment at how far away and inaccessible it is.

I find it more effective to focus on becoming the person who has the confidence and skills to achieve my aspirations in life.

You can become the person who can do the things that you want to achieve, the person who can create the life you want.

Very few people do this, but everyone has the ability to.

You can craft your environment to have a desired impact on you.

You can design the forces that shape who you are becoming.

You can program how you are "becoming", and therefore *who* you are becoming.

The line to the final destination is long — so long you can't see the full distance, it is beyond your range of sight.

But the distance to becoming a more skilled, confident, and capable person is a more direct and more clearly visible stop on the way.

How To Become the Person Who Can Do It

With those future skills and that future confidence, you will be able to map the path the rest of the way — and execute.

You don't need to know the path beyond becoming that person.

The entire game is becoming the person who can do it, then that future self can do the work and create the approach the current you finds daunting.

That person will take care of the rest.

That amazing person is you, or it will be if you build toward it.

You just need to find that person, to become that person. That is your primary mission at this stage.

Ask yourself:

What kind of person could accomplish the things I dream of?

Then write it out, describe in detail who could do what you want to do.

  • What kind of skills & abilities?

  • What kind of confidence & demeanor?

  • What kind of character & values?

  • What kind of beliefs?

  • What kind of friends and network?

  • What kind of home environment? Work environment?

  • What kind of habits, routines, practices?

  • What kind of work ethic?


Design this person in writing, list all the key elements.

Then describe in writing what specific actions you can take to build each element in yourself.

Prioritize, start with a few and gradually expand.


Then get to it!

It won't happen overnight, but it absolutely can and will happen over time if you stick to it.

You can become the person who can achieve the things you want in life.

Focus on becoming the person who can do it — then that person will take it from there.


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