Rewiring Your Mind to Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life in 3 Months by Rewiring Your Mind

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It's that time of year when we plan and map out the year to come. I just released a new video on how to Reboot & Re-frame Your Life to launch into the new year from a stronger, more informed, and better-designed springboard.

Annual Review & Planning

My Annual Review and Annual Planning videos from last year stand as my ultimate guide to the full-year reflection and to taking the new year to its full potential.

I have extensively refined these methods through many iterations and from feedback from thousands of people. I stand by this as the most effective approach I have seen.


The Next Quarter Makes All the Difference

Annual planning is super valuable, but I want to highlight the importance of more concretely planning the first 3 months of the new year with precision and commitment (and systems and aligned values/incentives) — and then each 3-month period thereafter on a rolling basis. 

Picture yourself three months from now, what do you envision? Does it look essentially the same as you are now? If so, you are missing a huge opportunity.


In 3 months you can change jobs, change entire careers, launch a new business, drop a dramatic amount of weight, meet a new group of friends, reach a top 10% expertise level in a new area of interest, turn around a failed relationship, stop a terrible habit, start an incredible new habit, re-set your entire diet, bring a massive new level of clarity to your mind, and so much more.


You can transform your life in just 3 months.


That cannot confidently be said about 1 month, and 2 is debatable — lacking evidence of the change taking hold.


But 3? Yes, absolutely.


In three months you can change the entire trajectory of your life, and have enough time to see it sticking past the initial change — providing evidence of your success.



How to Frame the Next 3 Months for Life Transformation

3 months of focussing on a specific target. No, not just focusing on it — obsessing over it. Living completely for it.


It can be one thing or a collection of attributes you want to become at the other end of those 90 days.


Either way, you must have crystal clarity of what it is. A number, a state of being, a circumstance — but be precise. You cannot obsess over a vague notion. You can only hyper-fixate on something explicit.

You will reach that 3-month date regardless of how it's spent. Then the verdict on your actions over that time will be rendered.

Then the verdict on your actions over that time will be rendered.

And at that point, anything you had to go through to get there will be forgotten. You will be left with the results of everything you did over those three months — while the pain, effort, and sacrifice will have faded and vanished (similarly, the momentary pleasure from any cheats you indulged in along the way will have evaporated). All of that will be gone, and you will be left with just the results. Your life will be where it is, the cumulative consequences of your choices — the body or career or business or relationships that grew or dwindled from the efforts and decisions over the past 3 months.


You will have control over those choices. Whatever you chose in the moment will fade, and the growth or decay will remain as the new you after the 3 months.


Our bodies and careers and lives are bank accounts. Our habits, routines, and choices are deposits or withdrawals from that account. A life ledger tallies the balance, and we are left in the end with the expenditures deducted from the deposits — except we cannot see our balance in real-time, we only see it later. In just 3 months all will be clear, either way.


You are now at the end of the past 3 months. How do you feel about your sacrifices and indulgences over that time? Do you still carry those pains and pleasures? Or have they faded. How do you feel about the outcome? Are you where you want to be?


Where do you want to be in 3 months from now? What are you willing to do to make that a reality?


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