Find Meaning & Purpose in Life

The Secret Recipe for Meaning & Purpose in Life

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We must create our own meaning.

Meaning comes from responsibility.

No responsibility, no meaning, no purpose.

Want meaning and purpose?

Accept responsibility for things that make a difference.

Use what you know about your values to choose your responsibilities.

Put yourself in a position where other people depend on you.

Then don't let them down. Over-deliver.

Responsibility means accepting Accountability.

Accountability is essential to create credibility — we need the trust of others to succeed.

Accountability comes with risk, which is why people respect those who take it on.

Most people are not willing. Those who are stand out.

Accountability puts the right incentives in place. It creates stakes.

These stakes help because Responsibility and Accountability require Commitment.

Commitment is what gets you from here to there, and avoids the cost of failing on the Accountability.


Accountability → Commitment → Responsibility → Meaning → Purpose

To bring more meaning and purpose into your life, look for responsibility that resonates with you.

Accept the Accountability... and Commit.

Then you will stand for something and make a difference.

Taking on responsibility does not mean ignoring yourself or your own needs.

You need to build yourself as well so you have the strength and resources to deliver on your purpose.

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