Online Course

Notion Performance Systems

with Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults

Achieve massive focus. 
Align daily actions with life aspirations.   
Resurface knowledge at right time & place.

Enrollment for 2020 has Closed

August Bradley will be offering more Courses & Workshops starting early in 2021.

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We have a lot in the pipeline!

Updates on Future Courses & Workshops

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Join us for a unique life design process. We'll dive deep and implement.


Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults (PPV)

PPV is a Life Operating System built in Notion, designed to bring Focus & Alignment to your life. Focus to ruthlessly zero in on what you need to do today. Alignment to ensure you're doing the right things on any given day, aligning your high level aspirations with what you are spending your time on.

And PPV incorporates a powerful Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system into your life and work — screening, capturing, organizing, optimizing the information you come across in your life, then resurfacing the most valuable knowledge at the right time and right place for you to take action.

Designed by August Bradley specifically for the Notion platform (leveraging what only Notion can do), this approach solves the problems of older scattered methodologies designed around Evernote, OneNote, Todoist/Things, Trello, Asana,  Dropbox, Google Docs, etc...


PPV is Foundational Infrastructure

We will discuss and explore how to modify, customize, and adapt to your needs and preferences. Nothing is written in stone, all is moldable.

However, starting from scratch to design a comprehensive system is no trivial task. Starting with an established, proven system provides a massive head start and a foundation designed for success.


Learning Notion is easy.

Applying it with effective System Design is the important part.

Systems Thinking is not an inherent skill for most people,
and runs counter to the way we are taught to think and frame the world.

Systems Thinking & Design has been August Bradley's specialty over the past 25 years.

Who is this course for?

Are you where you want to be in life...

With Work?

Health? Family?

Mental Clarity?

Has nothing worked after...

Reading everything?

Watching everything?

Trying everything?

Are you ready to...

Cut the bullshit?

Get serious?

Work hard?

Go big?

Notion PPV is tailored to...


& Builders

Freelancers &

Calendar Scheduling  

Live Cohort Sessions

6 week live training cohort + extra Notion beginner week

Oct. 19 - 23 : Notion Beginner Prep Week

Oct. 26 : Week One - Notion Performance Systems kicks off!

Live cohort finishes Dec. 11
(week of Nov. 23rd is a rest/catch-up week off)

All Recorded Self-Paced

Self-Paced After Live Sessions,
hosted in premium learning platform

Course Schedule Here (link)

What's Included

The Master PPV Template

No more DIY building. We start with the master PPV template pre-built and ready to go. We will cover how it works in depth, and how to implement and customize to your life and work.

EVERYTHING is integrated with full connectivity through embeds, relations, and rollups. It's easier to delete what you don't want (or grow into it), then try to attach 20 different templates together.

Version 2.0 has numerous enhancements that better streamline, integrate, and automate the system. Two new improved Command Center dashboard design options to choose from.

Live Seminars + Q&A Sessions

August Bradley presents the full system, how to use it, how to implement in your life and work. Numerous examples, and real-time cohort questions as we go.

We are doing this live so we can clearly see how the class is progressing, when to speed up and when to step back and go into more depth. If needed, we will add sessions.

Doing it live brings a more energetic dynamic and the ability for us to have a vibrant experience together, progressing at a similar pace.

In addition to the weekly Presentations, we will also do Live Q&A sessions twice a week to discuss your thoughts and questions.

Scheduling & Time Zones

The "Live Lecture" Teaching Presentations with new material will be at 10:00am Tuesdays Pacific Time (PT/California time zone) for approximately 1.5 hours. If needed to cover the material, additional sessions will be added.

The recording from all these events will then be uploaded to our learning platform (see below). This will provide an optimized self-paced option that can be viewed at your own convenience. 

The Live Q&A sessions will be held twice a week, once at 10:00 am PT on Thursdays and the other at 7:00 pm PT Thursdays.

*Note these times changed shortly after the first Twitter announcement.


Recorded Sessions for Review & Self-Paced Learning

Each live Teaching Presentation and each Live Q&A Session will be uploaded and available in our learning platform. The platform (hosted in your personal account at will track your progress and guide you through the program. All readily accessible in a fun, efficient, and feature-rich design.

Many will choose to do the course entirely though the recorded learning platform instead of the live sessions, at their own pace and with enhanced features. If your time zone does not correspond to our live sessions, this is a great option.

Online Community Membership

Year Zero Collective is the online community to facilitate ongoing 24/7 discussion and exploration of Notion, PPV, and the areas of life we want to learn and grow in. 

Course participants get full access to this community space as an additional place to ask questions, where August will be actively answering and engaging in topics we are covering in the course. 

Course participants also have access to a private section apart from the larger community to discuss specific course areas of interest. Plus there's a Course Admin & Announcement section to keep up with activities and news surrounding our program.

In the larger community areas, organized by topic, ideas can be explored more broadly with the larger group interested in Notion, PPV, and personal growth.

Year Zero Collective is a full online learning membership community beyond the course, you can learn more about it at the Collective's own home page.

Six months of Year Zero Collective membership is included with the course, with renewal options.

All 1st cohort participants will also have access to the future 2nd iteration of this program.

Enrollment for 2020 has Closed

August Bradley will be offering more Courses & Workshops starting early in 2021.

Enter email here for updates on future Courses & Workshops.

We have a lot in the pipeline!

Updates on Future Courses & Workshops

Unsubscribe any time. Emails NEVER shared.

Why I created this program

This is not just an online course to me, it’s a deeply personal undertaking.
This is an approach to life. It's how I built a strong business, and then when it collapsed how I built it back up again. It’s the approach that got me through a month of surgeries from a debilitating health crisis to the point where I emerged from the hospital with caregivers shocked at my recovery. Initially unable to walk, it powered me through a year of physical rehabilitation — reclaiming my life, my career, my happiness. Then it directly led me to the activities and behaviors where I met the most important person of my life (my wife) and enabled me to build a family while pursuing a rewarding career. 
Stories can be told in many ways. The methods and processes of the PPV system and what I share about life in this program is my story. You don’t learn about a person by what he or she says, but rather by what they do. This approach to life defines and shapes what you do — and keeps it in accordance with what you value and what you want to become.
I am a business consultant, a performance coach, and a designer of life and workflow process — a Performance Systems Architect. But the only reason I can be good at those things is because I’m also a loving family member, a caring friend, an engaged community and workplace participant with an open and curious mind. It also helps to be passionate about learning and sharing. Our professional skills and qualification do not come from industry or societal credentials, but rather by living a full life in which we are deeply engaged with our most important priorities. Then we pass on the best of ourselves in a form from which others can benefit.
That’s why I’m creating this course — it's the most powerful vessel I can envision to share what I have learned, by combining decades of life with leading technologies (most notably Notion).
I hope you will join us. I’m excited about the possibility of diving into this journey with you!

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