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August Bradley provides active guidance and in-depth Q&A. The community supports each other for learning and growth — whether implementing the PPV Life Operating System, mastering Notion more broadly, pursuing productivity, mental clarity, health, personal knowledge management, or business performance.

Community Forum

Smart informed in-depth discussion across PPV, Notion, Productivity, Habits, Mental Clarity, Health, Fitness, Personal Knowledge Management, and Business Performance.

Community Vault

Growing collection of insights, info, and answers on Notion best practice, PPV, and life performance systems. August Bradley's top recommendations.

Taking An Exceptional YouTube Community To The Next Level

The comment section of the YouTube series has been incredible, with activity and engagement at the level of channels five times its size. 100% supportive and growth-minded.

Let's expand into a platform where conversations can occur in many more directions, across members and at a more thorough level. Where we can get to know each other better and grow the discussion range beyond the topic of a single video — to all elements of personal performance enhancement and growth.

Let's engage in real-time livestream video discussions over Zoom calls. And let's collect and store the best wisdom and insight in easily accessible community vaults.

Let's create an exceptionally effective and supportive community home for Notion, PPV, and life enhancement. We have such an incredible foundation to grow from, join us in creating something remarkable!

A Growth & Personal Performance Membership Community

I wrestled with how to migrate our discussion from YouTube and create a rich community environment. I explored a wide range of options and joined many established communities to understand the best practices.

This community matters a lot to me. It's the epicenter of everything I want to create and grow around PPV, Notion, and personal enhancement. I want to get this right, and will listen carefully and pay close attention along the way on how to improve.

The mix here is a distillation of the best practices of the most effective learning communities. An easy, fun discussion platform that invites and fosters exploration. Regular live video events. A unique resource vault. A low fee as an investment to ensure a commitment and seriousness, yet accessible to all.

We will have extensive interaction across both live video calls and the best private community platform (Circle).

Let's make this amazing together!   




billed in 3-month cycles

Founding Member Pricing

  • August Bradley and community members engaged in thoughtful discussions.
  • Regular livestream community video discussions with August. Archive of recordings.
  • A community of smart, ambitious growth-minded people.
  • The center of the PPV learning experience.
  • A Premiere Notion learning Q&A channel with top Notion expertise.
  • Actionable growth insight across mental clarity, productivity, knowledge management, health & more.
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